St.Stephen's Higher Secondary School - Dahod

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The Newly Elected/Selected Office Bearers for the Year 2017-18

(Higher Primary Section)


Master Aman Mahendra Jaiswal - Head Boy

Master Mitaksh Bharat Modia - Asst. Head Boy

Miss Janvi Kalpesh Jain - Head Girl

Miss. Shakshi Raju Parmar - Asst. Head Girl



                                                                            Captains                                                            Vice-Captains

                               Shastri House  -         Miss Zainab Murtuza Kothari              Master Anuj Vinod Kshatriya

                               Nehru House  -          Master  Rahul Shailendra Bhatia        Miss Alefiya Mohammed Sathaliya

                               Tagore House -          Miss Goon Ashish Jain                              Master Ansh Chetan Shah

                               R.K.  House    -            Master Manan Piyush Madan              Miss Dhriti Nilpesh Dave


So Friends, the spirits are high enough to reach out the skies. Commitment, Devotion, Enthusiasm, Determination, Power and Strenght are all bubbling out. Stephenites will never leave any hurdle unturned. But the way of expressing all this is a different one this time......



Friends, we all know how concerned about our environment we are. We have been strongly motivated by our School Management and specially by our respected

Head Mistress - Sr. Euphrasia to be cautious and caring towards the cleanliness and maintenance of our surroundings. It is the tireless effort of her and the School Management which shows and teaches that we should not only love and respect our fellow beings but also the Nature.