St.Stephen's Higher Secondary School - Dahod

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Latest Updates Teachers Day Celebration on 5th September 2018 to be celebrated by our School Students
Teachers Day Celebration on 5th September 2018
Previous Updates New Academic year-2018-19, starting from Monday, 11th June 2018


To provide excellent educational opportunity for the children, in and around Dahod, its neighbouring areas and also children from all over India.

 To provide an education that will build up national unity.

 To shape God-fearing, patriotic and responsible citizens.

 To cater to the needs of the parents who want for their children, an education that makes a difference.

St. Stephen's School

How wonderful it is to see myself, as Stephenite.The ground is level and clean. Welcoming the children. On the top looking at St. Stephen's Statue.

We remember all his virtues.The atmosphere of Silent and Encouragements.Whenever we meet all our Classmates. pushing us forward to the future Our Good Teachers, who. give us special guidance. So fortunate I am that i belong to St. Stephen's school, so sweet as a song. The life is bright through the year because St. Stephen's school is like mother who cares. Dear St. Stephen's School you are Gods Gift to each one of us.



 A school is a place where "future" takes its birth. A perfect school is the one fawhich facilitates young minds to imbibe not only knowledge but also the courage, and wisdom to face the world with confidence. If you are looking for one with similar credentials, your search will end at the point where you enter St. Stephen's campus. With an experience, St. Stephen's School has already attained unparalleled status and stability in the field of innovative teaching.